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Temenos’ “Independent Examination” Strikes Us As A Tacit Confirmation Of Accounting Manipulation And Disclosure Violations, Spun With Lawyer-Speak And Gaslighting

Equinix Exposed: Major Accounting Manipulation, Core Business Decay And Selling An AI Pipe Dream As Insiders Cashed Out Hundreds of Millions

Operating Behind Enemy Lines: How Fashion Powerhouse LPP S.A. Masked A Fake Russia ‘Sell-Off’ Using Front Entities And Encrypted Barcodes

Temenos: Major Accounting Irregularities, Failed Products And An Illusive Turnaround

Renovaro BioSciences: A Worthless AI Shell Game With A Murderous Magician Past

LifeStance: A Private Equity-Backed Mental Health Rollup Headed For A Breakdown

EHang: Hollow Order Book And Fake Sales Make This China-Based eVTOL Company Last In Line For Takeoff

Nanban Ventures: With “Friends” Like These…

Tingo Forges Ahead With Its Brazen Scam As $725 Million In Claimed Cash Disappears From Its Balance Sheet In One Quarter

Freedom Holding Corp: Brazen Sanctions Evasion, Hallmarks Of Fabricated Revenue and Risky Bets with Commingled Customer Funds