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Facedrive: A $1.4b ESG Stock Promotion with a Hollow Core Business, Flailing Business Pivots and Multi-Million Dollar Payments to an Opaque BVI Entity; 95% Downside

J2 Global: Troubling Related Party Transactions, Looming Impairments And A Suspicious History Of Insider Enrichment Spanning Decades

Ideanomics Walks Back 1m Sq Ft Claims Today; Our Visit To IDEX’s “MEG” Facility Shows Zero Company Presence

Losing With WINS: NASDAQ’s Latest Disgrace Has No Financials, An Insolvent Parent Entity and Is Embroiled in What Appears to Be an Obvious Pump and Dump

A Bagholder’s Guide to Why We Think Genius Brands Will Be a $1.50 Stock Within a Month

Our Reply to China Metal Resources Utilization’s Inadequate Response

Sorrento’s Pandemic Profiteering: Experts and Former Employees Speak Out on Sensational Claims of Covid-19 Cure

China Metal Resources Utilization: 100% Downside to This Zombie Company

New Pacific Metals: Bolivia Looks Friendly Until A Coup Forces Your Friends to Flee to Mexico– 90%+ Downside

SCWorx: Evidence Points to its Massive COVID-19 Test Deal Being Completely Bogus, Price Target Back to $2.25 Or Lower